Nashville Auction School was founded in 1964 by Buford Evans, with the goals of providing quality auction education, raising the standards of the auction profession, and gaining recognition for our graduates. In 1999, Wendell Hanson purchased Nashville Auction School from Buford Evans with the commitment to continue Buford Evan's vision and mission.

      With our commitment to quality, we have also made a commitment to stay abreast of the ongoing changes in the auction industry. Over the past decade, these changes have affected most all areas of auctioneering. Technology is playing an ever increasing role in how auctions are conducted and has served to open a worldwide marketplace for the professional auctioneer.

     The economic climate of the last couple years has drastically changed the auction industry, resulting in consumer demand for better and more professional services, and the need for qualified, well-trained, and technologically skilled auctioneers and auction staff. Nashville Auction School has responded with the development of advanced educational programs to assist our students and practicing auctioneer with the tools and training necessary to stay competitive in the marketplace.

     Nashville Auction School has established itself as a national leader in addressing the changes in our industry through our innovative programs and our revised curricula. In 2009, we are launching a new, updated textbook for the Auctioneering 101 Program, to better incorporate more current and innovative methods of auctioneering practices. We are also revising and expanding our online continuing education programs for auctioneers with new course offerings due in the early fall. We have added new instructional staff in our Basic Auctioneering 101 and in 2009, we added the only Automobile Auctioneer License Education Program for public automobile auctioneers offered in the country.

      Nashville Auction School is located in Tullahoma, Tennessee: a small city with the quaint charm, friendly environment, and safety of a small southern town, but with the amenities of larger municipalities, all centrally located in picturesque Middle Tennessee.

      Nashville Auction School was born out of love for the auction profession. Our staff and instructors bring a wealth of knowledge, skill, and integrity to our programs. Our graduates leave with the necessary skills, insight, and knowledge to serve the public with integrity both in the auction industry and in their day to day lives. We offer small classes, individualized attention, highly trained and professional instructors, and a caring staff.

      Our commitment to excellence in auction education is stronger than ever.

       We have designed this web site to provide you with the information necessary to be the best in the auction industry.


Nashville Auction School is located at 112 West Lauderdale Street in Tullahoma, Tennessee

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