Exciting News from NAS

Earlier this year, the Tennessee legislature passed sweeping auction law reforms with the goal of:

  • making entry into the auction profession easier,
  • regulating online auctions, and
  • bringing Tennessee’s auction law up to modern industry practices.

These law changes went into effect July 1, 2019.  While there are some identified regulatory gaps and a legal challenge over the regulation of online auctions; most of the law changes are now in place.  Many of these changes directly relates to auction education.

We have been busy at NAS developing short-term and long-range strategies to make sure our educational programs address the changing needs of Tennessee auction license candidates.

Tennessee has long been one of the most difficult states to obtain a license.   No more.  Licensing is now faster, easier, and will require less commitment of time and resources to make it happen.  We have identified several exciting strategic goals and educational initiatives to see us into the 4th Quarter of 2019, and beyond.

Ease of Education = Ease of Entry

Our first strategy – Ease of Education = Ease of Entry – is all about programs that are easier to access – online and in the classroom – and making them available locally and to a larger national demographic that is unrestricted by regulatory laws.

Our Ease of Education strategy is born out of our love of the live-cry auction process and our recognition that many contemporary auctioneers are relying solely on internet-based auction platforms.

We have identified three (3) initiatives under our Ease of Education strategy.  Our first initiative is to make the NEW 16-hour Bid Calling Certification Program available immediately through our online platform.

The revised law created this new license designation to allow any auctioneer easy access to a bid caller license.  This license requires 16-hours of education, but there is no test and no ongoing continuing education.

Candidates for this license will be:

  • Auctioneers from non-reciprocal states wanting to be licensed to work for a Tennessee principal auctioneer as a contract bid caller, only.
  • Unlicensed individuals seeking bid calling positions for any auction company, primarily automobile auctions and livestock auction markets in Tennessee.

We will be rolling out this initiative in October 2019.

Stay tuned to NAS.  We will be announcing future initiatives and strategies in the months to come.  Wee appreciate your feedback and input; and, as always, we are looking out for you!